About Tivo 4 Tiny

Tivo 4 Tiny is a GNOME desktop app that allows you to download shows from your networked Tivo onto your Linux computer. Tivo 4 Tiny includes integrated conversion, so you can take the shows with you on your iPod, BlackBerry, or other tiny mobile device.

It should work with any Tivo that has Home Networking capabilities (v2, v3, or HD). The goal of this project is to provide a usable, useful utility for the Linux desktop which provides similar features to the "Tivo Desktop" Windows/Mac app -- which Tivo does not support on Linux.

Tree view of files on player
See all your shows, and just double-click to download.

NOTE: This is beta software written by little 'ole me. I'm looking for testers, but please don't be surprised if this app freezes up or doesn't work as expected. Definitely let me know if it works or if you have problems so I can make it better!

This project depends on the tivodecode utility. It doesn't do any file decrypting or conversion on its own, but rather calls the tivodecode command-line utility to do the dirty work. Likewise, it uses FFmpeg utilities for all video format conversions. Thanks guys, for all the great work!


The following items work in the latest version. I'm still adding features and making bugfixes when I can. Let me know if there's something missing!


I think I broke BlackBerry Pearl video playback in 1.15, but should have a fix soon. Now multi download mostly works, please let me know how it works for you. Hoping to add a way to cancel queued jobs, but until then you can just close the app and it will cancel them all.

If you find other bugs, please let me know. Thanks!

Preferences dialog
Set your Media Access Key, format, and destination folder.

Latest News

12 October 2009

Version 1.15 deb file released. Updated UI to be cleaner, with more feedback. Finally fixed multi-download threading, and error checking to boot. iPhone and iPod format now copies directly to Apple devices without re-converting.

10 March 2009

Version 1.14 deb file released. Fixed audio output; improved progress bar.

18 May 2008

Version 0.13 deb file released. Added support for manually entering an IP Address, in case your Tivo isn't auto-discovered.

24 Feb 2008

Version 0.12 deb file released. Added "Raw copy" option, fixed datestamps, and cleaned up the full MPEG-4 option. Some small bugfixes too of course.

09 Feb 2008

Version 0.11 deb file released on SourceForge. First version with new name, Tivo 4 Tiny. Old name was "Tivo Mobile" but Tivo Inc. already has a product by that name... whoops. So, welcome to Tivo 4 Tiny!

02 Feb 2008

Version 0.10 deb file released on SourceForge.

21 Jan 2008

Happy New Year! Initial version uploaded to SourceForge. Hooray!

Download & Install

Download from SourceForge project page. The source is all there and I've made a .deb file for Ubuntu Linux.

Installing Ubuntu .deb files:

For easiest install, use Ubuntu. Grab the tivo4tiny.deb file and just double-click to install.

Installing from source:

Be sure the dependencies are installed first: tivo4tiny depends on tivodecode and MPlayer (specifically, the mencoder cmdline tool), along with avahi-utils which is in the main Ubuntu repository. Then, tivo4tiny installation is trivial -- just grab the source files and run ./tivo4tiny to start.


This app requires pygtk, tivodecode, curl, avahi-utils, and mencoder on your system. It doesn't really do anything but provide a nice GUI wrapper around these tools. For convenience I've included tivodecode in the .deb file but that is not my project and you should go check out the tivodecode sourceforge site for more info.

Source Access

Tivo 4 Tiny source code is all hosted at SourceForge.


Discussion mailing list hosted on SourceForge. Any & all feedback, questions, bug reports appreciated!
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